Jeannine Barry – EP Review

Jeannine Barry – Off The Hook

Release Date: July 2015

So who is Jeannine Barry? Jeannine is a rising UK Country artist who released her debut EP ‘Give Me Something’ back in 2012. Since then her popularity has been increasing rapidly which has resulted in her playing a number of support slots for amazing acts including Katie Armiger, Jill & Kate and Ben Taylor as well as appearing at the C2C Festival at the O2 Arena, London as a pop up artist.

In early 2015, Jeannine decided to fulfill her dream by heading out to Nashville, Tennessee to record her new EP. What better way to write the perfect Country album than to immerse yourself in the land of country music itself, sounds like the perfect recipe for an amazing EP,  right?

Well, I guess so because as I was listening to it I kept forgetting that I was listening to an independent UK country artist and felt like I could have been listening to some of the top US Artists. To me this says an awful lot about the quality of not only the production and musicianship but also Jeannine’s songwriting ability.

The EP opens with the title track ‘Off The Hook’, a really strong track that is very well written and will have your foot tapping along. The additional of a fiddle really adds something special to the track too. Check out the video below and try not to sing along…

A stand out from the 6 track EP has to be ‘Us or Drinking’ which is a beautiful slow ballad, contrasting fantastically against the other upbeat empowering tracks, the feel of the song reminded me quite a lot of Carrie Underwood’s ‘I’ll See You Again’.

Jeannine’s skill as a songwriter is ‘Undeniable’ and her vocals are strong, you can hear the feeling in her voice with each word she sings, although there are a few moments on a couple of the tracks where I would have loved to have seen just a little more power from her.

Could Jeannine Barry be the UK’s answer to Carrie Underwood? Quite Possibly!

Listening to each track on this EP is almost like listening to the soundtrack of my life, Each song perfectly captures moments and emotions we all go through in life and I’m pretty sure everyone listening will relate to what Jeannine is singing about.

‘Off The Hook’ is probably one of my favourite EPs at the moment, there is so much diversity in the writing style that it continues to keep your interest from track to track while still staying true to the artist’s style. A great mix of music styles are incorporated from rock, pop and even hints of bluegrass, making this EP one that I will certainly be buying and adding into my ipod library.

The only thing left for you to do now is to decide for yourself, so what are you waiting for – go and visit iTunes…

Where can I find out more about Jeannine, or get my hands on a copy of her EP?






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