Lauren Davenport – EP Review

Lauren Davenport – Lauren Daventport EP

Release Date: 15th Jan 2016

Modern country music seems to be taking over the UK at the moment so it is no surprise that this next review is of an artist in that genre.

Lauren Davenport is a young up and coming singer-songwriter based just outside of Liverpool. She describes herself as a ‘city girl with a country heart’ and is currently signed to Southern Crossroads Music, she released her self titled debut 4 track EP with them earlier this year.

Lauren’s sound is probably best described as predominantly acoustic with a bluegrass feel, her vocals are pleasant and I am going to show my age a little now to say she reminds me of a cross between a very young Lisa Loeb and Angel Taylor. There is definitely talent there that can be developed and nurtured but in my opinion her vocals would be better suited to a more folk/pop sound.

The EP opens with ‘Riding Shotgun’ which is a fairly upbeat love song with a very pretty guitar melody and a catchy chorus that you won’t be able to get out of your head once you have listened to it. Next up is a song called ‘Bar with a Country Song’ which is another very pretty song that is written from the heart and listening to the lyrics, Lauren is giving listeners a small insight into her life and love of country music. I absolutely love the acapella lines she throws in towards the end as it really lifts the song and takes it to another level.

‘With You’ has to be my favourite song on the EP, the stripped back acoustic style ballad really allows Lauren’s talent to shine and also allows listeners to get glimpse of how beautiful her vocals can be, which up until this point I thought were average.

Lauren has a lot of potential and with further development I can see a very successful future within the music industry.

Overall, the EP is very easy on the ears, pleasant to listen to and the songwriting is good, the songs have depth and as a listener you can tell that they have been written with feeling. I am looking forward to seeing how Lauren develops as an artist and as a songwriter and while I can’t say I am totally in love with this EP, it is definitely one I would listen to again and recommend to others.

Where can I find out more about Lauren, or get my hands on a copy of her Debut EP?


Buy it here:


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