Thorne Hill – Album Review

Thorne Hill – No More Holding Back

Release Date: 27 Feb 2016

Thorne Hill released his debut single ‘Come Undone’ back in 2011 and it hit #16 on the iTunes Country Charts and he is now fast becoming one of the hottest singer-songwriters in the UK. Teaming with top US Producer Justin Johnson he now brings you his long awaited Debut Album ‘No More Holding Back’.

With such a buzz around an artist that I wasn’t previously familiar with on the UK Country Music Scene, I was excited to hear what the album was all about and as I sit in my office with the rain slashing down outside I can’t help but smile and tap my foot as the smooth vocals and warm percussion fills the room.

Thorne has done a great job creating the perfect balance between appealing to those audiences that prefer a bit of rock while still maintaining a traditional country feel. His vocals are smooth and executed with the control you would expect from a man who has been performing since a young age but most of all, he has just enough of a ‘southern twang’ to compliment his music without sounding forced or phony.

The album opens with ‘Open Road’ which in my opinion has a great anthemic feel to it, it’s the kind of song that you can’t help but dance around and sing along to (much to the annoyance of my neighbours). It’s a great song to open the album and it really  gives you an idea of what to expect from the rest of the record.

The songwriting is very well done and I can’t help but picture every word that is being sung, it’s like I am watching the music video instead of listening to the song through speakers which to me embodies one of the fundamental rules of a country songwriter – every song should tell a story!

I can easily see Thorne Hill on tour opening for the likes of Lee Brice, Eric Church or Luke Bryan – He’s definitely one to watch!

Overall, the album has a very upbeat country-rock feel to it but Thorne has thrown the odd ballad in there too and they don’t disappoint either. ‘Stay With Me Tonight’ and ‘Fly Before I Drown’ are two of the most well written and beautiful songs I have heard in a while and I can’t help but think that if ‘Keep Walking Away’ had been stripped back a little more so the percussion and fancy riffs didn’t distract from the vocals so much, it could have been amazing.

As you can probably tell, I am a big fan of this album, in fact the only thing I dislike about it is the cliched ‘standing in an abandoned building like every other band seems to be doing at the moment’ artwork but hey, it’s not going to stop me heading to iTunes, buying it and introducing it to my drive to work playlist!

The only thing left for you to do now is to decide for yourself, so what are you waiting for – go and visit iTunes or Spotify…

Where can I find out more about Thorne, or get my hands on a copy of his Debut Album?






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